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Cold Sore Experiment to Happen!

Cold Sore experiment? Go to dental hospital!
When I got out of bed this morning I was smacked by that nasty tingling sensation you get whenever a cold sore is about to breakout For people who don’t experience cold sores it may seem like a genuinely small issue, for many who suffer it may be a different story. While I have experimented with every medicine in the marketplace throughout the years I’m still no nearer to preventing the breakout’s! One of the most troublesome thing about treatments they show on the telly is they never work well, at least they didn’t for me in any case! The solutions and creams on TV have never helped me and I’m yet to discover somebody that approves of them! No wonder I never see a money-back satisfaction guarantee!

It’s so frustrating when you know an outing is coming up and the news on the trail tells you ahead of time exactly what you can expect. Instead of being able to relax once-and-for-all with a cold sore remedy you’re left cringing and still unable to eradicate the previous night’s outbreak. Is it not too bad to have to set aside such pleasant pursuits as cooking or laundry, put it out of your mind and focus on getting rid of it once and for all? What’s so bad about a few runny noses or red sores anyway? Little do you know that they are not the worst nightmares of your life!

If you’re still wondering how can you stop cold sores from occurring then read on and discover a few extremely easy ways too see an end to cold sores for good!

Firstly, as soon as you have a cold sore going around your neck and shoulders, block it in such a way that the virus can’t escape!

The virus lives in cold places and cannot survive very long without a host tissue. Your skin is perfect for them.

My experience of cold sores is less a matter of the virus and more a matter of the host tissue. It’s rare for me to get cold sores outside of my mouth as although the virus finds the most damp areas to replicate, it does seem to prefer the sweat glands most. It can’t possibly survival if it doesn’t find a host tissue to replicate in.

It’s only after the virus replication process and the host tissue has been laid waste that you’ll experience the tell-tale signs of a cold sore.

Cold sores are easily spread by touching an area of dry skin, and then touching another area of dry skin. This is why it’s important to wash your hands thoroughly when you’re done. But it can be carried through touching objects that other people touch, such as grab handles at work or objects of other people’s which could be carrying cold sores.

If you want to be rid of cold sores, try to avoid touching anything that has dried skin on it. This includes doors, and bags etc.

Cold sores are unpleasant for a number of reasons but mostly because they are visible, and very obvious as to where they are and what they look like. If you touch them or pick up a couple with your hands the worst happens; you’ll probably develop a small wound that weep out theiquest of sores.

By contrast, the microorganisms that cause scabies, (a skin condition that is very common in households) can be difficult to distinguish at times because they look quite similar to cold sores.

Ray Stewart

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